Parts and Accessories

Here at Kies we try to bring you not only the finest rifles, upper and lower assemblies, but also a comprehensive ever growing selection of parts for the rifle you may already have.  All these parts have been tested and perfected to help you achieve your goals with your rifle.

MKI Triggers:
MKI Trigger: $175

Drop in modular design set at 4.5 pounds of trigger pull.
- Full power hammer spring
- Reliably detonate hard primer military .308 ammunition
- Suitable for use in AR-10 type rifles
- Service rifle competition legal
- Anti walk pins included

MKI Ultra Trigger: $215

Drop in modular design set at a crisp 3 pounds of trigger pull.
- Recomended for use in AR-15 type rifles
- Not recomended for use in AR-10 Type rifles
- Excellent choice for hunters, and 3 gun competitors
- Not service rifle competition legal
- Anti walk pins included

Kies Blast Master linear compensator: $45

The Blast Master is available in burnished stainless steel or in Melonite finish and is threaded 1/2x28 for .223 caliber and under, as well as 5/8x24 for .23-.308 caliber.
The Blast Master linear compensator is designed to do 3 things:
1. Direct all muzzle blast forward, away from the shooter making shooting much more comfortable with shorter barreled rifles or rifles using high pressure rounds.
2. Help eliminate muzzle rise when shooting so that you may watch your target through your scope without loosing sight of it.
3. Help minimize any dust signature when shooting prone.

Kies Delta Rail: $150
This is a billet quad rail that is extremely light weight and strong.
Currently available only in mid length, however rifle length is coming soon.

Optional end cap for Kies Delta Rail: $15
Available in standard or bull barrel size.

Kies Billet Charging handle: $27.50

Made from a solid block of 7075 aluminum for strength, precision fit and is over sized at the gripping surface for easy one finger charging or charging when using a scope.

Kies Adjustable Gas Block: $35.00

The Kies adjustable gas block is designed so that you can tune your rifle's gas system to your load, reduce over gassing of the system to help smooth your rifle's action, or to enhance reliability when using a suppressor. Made of 4140 and Melonite finished.
For use on barrels using a .750 diameter gas block.

Kies MKI Barrel: $220

18 inches, Stainless Steel, available in 204 Ruger, 223 / 5.56, 264 LBC-AR, 7.62x39.  For twist rates please see our centerfire page.

Kies Case: $125

Covert type case, 36 inches long, can easily carry 2 scoped uppers and one lower. Made in the USA, Very heavy duty, quality case.

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