How to tune your Kies Adjustable Gas Block

  Tuning your gas block involves firing live rounds, this must be done at an appropriate location, and when doing such always follow the 10 commandments of gun safety, we can not be held responsible for poor gun handling practices.

For the purpose of this tutorial "closed" or "close" is to turn your gas adjusting screw to the right, "opened" or "open" is to turn your gs adjusting screw to the left.

Start with your gas adjusting screw closed all the way down, this is the closed position for your gas system.

1.  Open your gas screw 1 half turn.

2.  Insert magazine with one round of ammo loaded.

3.  Charge rifle and fire that single round.

4.  Check to see if bolt is fully locked open by the bolt hold open on your lower.

5.  If not, repeat steps 2,3,4 until the bolt fully locks open.
May needed additional steps:
over gasing and undergasing your gun can have very similar symptoms, if you are getting good solid ejection but not getting your bolt to hold open, and you continue to open the gas block, you will start to see jamming of fired casings, this is usually the first sign of over gassing. You will need to then start to close your gas block in smaller steps, approximately 1 sixteenth of a turn at a time until your bolt locks open fully and consistantly.

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